Current residencies

“The SkyBoat Residency”

Closing date: 31st May


Marchmont is proud to announce ‘The SkyBoat’ residency in partnership with Berwick Creative Guild on the theme of the relationship between ART, NATURE AND HUMANITY.

Applicants are invited to engage with and focus on this theme.

Marchmont seeks to inspire and celebrate creativity, supporting artists, hosting events including Open Studios, and offering studios and residencies. Proposals are invited from practitioners from all creative disciplines including those who have applied for previous Marchmont residencies. This great opportunity offers time, space and freedom to concentrate on the development of their own work, try out new ideas, be inspired by their surroundings and be part of a creative and dynamic environment, where they can connect and engage with others working in the arts.

Made possible and named in honour of local artist and benefactor Charlie Poulsen whose sculpture ‘SkyBoat’ was installed at Marchmont in 2020 and offered through the Marchmont Makers Foundation.

Full details, including how to apply are available by clicking this link.